Becoming a 'Certified Breeder' - Just imagine taking a simple iPhone or Galaxy photo of your bred pets, filling out a simple application form, and our team of pet specialists will enthusiastically Market, Sell, and provide Customer Support for your bred pets! We know your time is precious, and you want to devote your time breeding quality pets, so let us do the rest of the work! It's that simple! You'll receive your money quickly from your bank or PayPal account.    


As certified breeders or suppliers, you'll be able to connect with our TEAM who will go to work for you and your 'babies' to find them wonderful new homes. We'll take you by the hand and deliver a fun, caring, and safe transition for all of your bred pets. Our state of the art Internet based software system enables your pets to ship directly to their new pet owners. 

We also provide an efficient and secure process that helps new pet owners complete their online order, deliver your payment, and help to manage the shipping and transportation logistics. 

Certified Breeders can also use our custom designed shipping containers, delivering professional, safe, and secure travel for your pet(s). Let's work together to bring joy to new pet owners, you the breeder, and most importantly your pets and their future!